Euro Asia Premium Bentonite is a high quality near-white bentonite with excellent swell and gel properties. It is available in calcium and sodium forms as a powder or granule. It can also be supplied as a coloured granules. Euro Asia Premium Bentonite is used in "2-in-1" detergent powders for "softening-through-the-wash". Euro Asia Premium Bentonite has excellent fabric softness benefits.

Fabric Softness

In independent panel tests, Euro Asia Premium Bentonite has shown significant softness benefits for established washing powder formulations. Used as a "softergent" worldwide, Euro Asia Premium Bentonite provides "softening-through the-wash", that is easy to formulate in-by simply adding to existing detergent formulations.

Cost Effective

Euro Asia Premium Bentonite is a highly cost effective mechanism for introducing softening-through-the-wash into a formulation. Euro Asia Premium Bentonite granule post addition is a simple blending process and provides significant product benefits at little formulation cost.

  • Critical Applications
  • Highly Swelling
  • Highly Gelling
  • Sodium Activated
  • High whiteness
  • Low Iron
  • Low Quartz
  • Low Cristobalite

Stain Removal and Whiteness

Euro Asia Premium Bentonite is a high whiteness Bentonite, that has no discernible adverse effect on fabric whiteness - even over multiple wash cycles. Stain removal is not impaired.

Bentonite is a natural clay of the smectite family. It's platelet structure makes it a versatile mineral used in detergents as a softening agent. Other applications are in civil engineering, the foundry industry, paper mills, cosmetics, and oilfield drilling.

Products for the detergent industry are normally supplied as granules, but certain applications can be better optimised using the powder forms.

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