Profytase is an Enzyme that catalyzes the stepwise removal of inorganic orthophosphate from phytic acid. Profytase as the name suggests, is a phytase enzyme derived from a specially modified micro-organism to yield a stable and activity wise optimized product. 

It is a special kind of phosphytase enzyme which hydrolyses the phytase phosphorus ( plant phosphorus ) in to six inorganic phophates and inositol. Profytase enzyme has the following advantages.

Profytase supplementation in the feed increases the plant phosphorus utilization in the chick's intestine and also reduces the phosphorus losses in excreta ( 40% )

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Hydrolysis of phytin improves the overall nutritive value of diet through better utilization of trace minerals,protein,carbohydrate.
The apparent digestibility of major amino acid is increased with Profytase supplementation.

Profytase supplementation to a low phosphorus diet increases retention to total phosphorus,calcium,copper manganese magnesium and zinc thereby increasing availability of these essential element in layer /chick's diet.

The dietary requirements of calcium can be reduced by about 33% in diets supplemented with Profytase.

USE :-

It can release inorganic phosphorus through hydrolysis of phytic acid, thus improving its utilization, decreasing the usage of inorganic phosphorus sources, and reducing the cost of feed formulas. Being a green, efficient additive of livestock and poultry feed, it could also reduce the phosphorus in animal waste emissions and protect the environment.


  • Improves phosphorus utilization in feed
  • Increase digestibility of protein, amino acids and minerals in feeds
  • Enhance animal performance
  • Allows flexibility to reduce DCP inclusion rate.

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