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The toxin binders are made up of selected silicates, or yeast cell wall components, or both organic acids and surfactants. 

Livestock feed toxin binders are a great way to reduce mycotoxicosis and improve livestock health and productivity 

How does a toxin binder work?

Mycotoxin binders or adsorbents are substances that bind to mycotoxins and prevent them from being absorbed through the gut and into the blood circulation. 

Other substances with toxin-binding capability include cell-wall components of yeasts

Use :- 

Special is a multi-component toxin binder specially use as developed as a complete solution to the mycotoxin problem. 

ATB Special binds to selective mycotoxins found in feed such as AFB (aflatoxins), ZEA (zearalenone), DON (Deoxynivalenol) and OCH (Ochratoxin) and also prevents mould growth in feed stored in the humid environment.

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Benefits :-

  • Is biodegradable and environmentally friendly after excretion
  • Is non –toxic
  • Has a high stability over a wide range of conditions.
  • Has a low effective inclusion rate in feed.


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